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The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies to all buildings other than domestic housing, and replaces 118 pieces of previous fire legislation, including the old fire certificate. This includes all commercial premises and workplaces, including those managed by voluntary organisations and the self-employed. Also all premises to which the public have access, including, in England and Wales, the common parts of multi-occupied residential buildings such as flats and houses in multiple occupation. The law now shifts responsibility from the fire authorities, for fire safety, to whoever has day-to-day control of premises.
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Who is responsible?

If you are an owner, landlord, occupier or employer in Northampton, then you will have a duty under the appropriate fire safety legislation to carry out a fire risk assessment. Similarly, if you occupy or otherwise have a degree of control over any non-domestic premises (or if empty and you own it), then you are likely to have this duty. 

Your responsibilities as the duty holder or the responsible person are:
  • Devise plans for any emergency,
  • To regularly carry out a fire risk assessment on the premises and review the assessment regularly,
  • To inform the staff about the risks you have identified,
  • To put in place and maintain, all the necessary fire safety measures,
  • To provide your staff with the necessary fire safety information and instructions as well as training.
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Differentiating premises

Here is how various premises are differentiated:

1. Non-domestic premises
  • Any place that the public have access to
  • All commercial premises and workplaces
  • Common areas of any multi-occupied, residential buildings

2. Shared premises

It is likely that in shared areas, there is more than one responsible person. You generally have to co-ordinate the fire safety plans to ensure that the people on your premises or around your premises are safe. It is often found that for shared and common areas, the landlord, the managing agent or the freeholder is the responsible person.

New buildings, alterations and extensions

Whether you are building new premises or having any building work done on an already existing building, it is mandatory that you comply with all the building regulations. Compliance of these regulations will include designing fire safety into the extension or the proposed building.

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RELM (fire safety) Consultants Ltd are able to help those with this responsibility (‘responsible person / duty holder’) to carry out a fire risk assessment so that their premises comply with the applicable fire safety legislation.

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